March 6, 2009

Hey Batter Batter!!

Kate being goofy .. this was right after she rolled down the hill and was cracking up
Addison loves to call Derek when he is on the 3rd baseline.

As most of you are aware, Derek is coaching JV Softball this year at Frontier. I have to say that Tyler, more than any of us, looks forward to this time of year the most. He has been dubbed the nick name "Coach Coach". All the girls are absolutely in love with him, and I think he pretty much feels the same about them. We have been to two games so far and the girls are kicking butt. They are really going to be a strong team this year.

SuNnY dAyS

Last Tuesday was beautiful outside. It was in the mid 70s and Tyler and Kate were in school. I thought that instead of doing the dreaded housework, Addison and I should take advantage of the sun. I took a couple snapshots of her before we headed over to the park and then to look at the "shish" (fish) in the lake. She had such a good time and it was much needed for both of us!!

My Little Hippie

Taking time to smell the flowers ... Little did we know that her allergies would catapult into full swing after smelling the pollen

Watching the "shish"